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Personal Chef

Personal Chef

Roberto Dormicchi is our "Personal Chef." We work together for years for all external events most important and chosen. Its excellent technical preparation that transforms daily in passion for teaching to the many boys who follow him as a teacher at the hotel school of Piobbico; make a thorough professional and dynamic the ideal synthesis of the personal chef can transform the home of our customers in a starred restaurant for a few close friends.

offerte hotel urbinoFor almost a year has become for alli “triglia di bosco” and thanks to the great success of the his blog, we invite you to visit and "taste", has managed to bring its professionalism and the name of the Garden Restaurant twice to the test of the cook on rai 1. to learn more about Roberto and follow all its courses and initiatives visit Blog Triglia Bosco follow him on social and share your experiences with him ... rediscover love in the kitchen with eye mullet ☺!

  • Our Personal Chef
    Our Personal Chef
    Our Personal Chef
    Roberto Dormicchi
    "triglia di bosco"
  • Cooking Class
    Cooking Class

    Cooking Class
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